Friday, November 30, 2007

O Tannenbaum

Growing up on the East Coast, decorating for the holidays meant simple, tasteful, and clean. Every year, my mom would wish aloud that we would just decorate our Christmas tree in white lights only. She didn't win on that one (I insisted on multi-colored lights), but we did have white lights in the windows, white lights on the trees outside with a few red bows, and nothing else to sully the look.

Here are a list of things you would never, ever see at my house or in my neighborhood in New York:
1. Lights that blink, alternate, flutter, or do anything other than stay on steadily
2. Solid strings of non-white lights outside
3. Any figures, statues, figurines, inflatables in the yard or porch. No dancing candy canes, no inflatable Frosty the Snowman, etc.

In all the other Portland neighborhoods I've lived in before this one, there was an eclectic mix of holiday decorations. But nothing, nothing compares to what happens in our new neighborhood between Halloween and Christmas. It is a spectacle of inflatable Santas, giant snow globes, and dancing lights. Last year I admit to thinking it was a little tacky. But this, this year I am INTO it. When the neighbors across the street put up their giant inflatable pumpkin before Halloween, I knew the Turkey was not far behind, to be followed by the Santa.

I am determined to get some good pictures this year. My neighborhood has some SERIOUS holiday spirit. If you want calm and tasteful, head down to University Park or Overlook. Portsmouth is all about the bright and flashy. My inner child leaps for joy.


LeLo in NoPo said...

Oh do tell me you're familiar with the ***awesome*** display done every year on N. Geneva!

I walked by there tonight and they're getting things up. But they're not ready yet.

Also, spoke with a neighbor putting up some lovely red lights on N. Wall tonight, along with some classic plastic figurines. Just a few houses up from a front yard full of snowglobe inflatables.

You must share your neighborhood recommendations.

Andy said...

I wonder if there are any of those horrible inflatables left this morning. I'll be getting on the roof to put some shingles back on and will probably put up some lights while I'm up and wet.

I'm down in Arbor Lodge and frankly kind of surprised how few folks have up decorations so far. Looks like you either got them on the day after thanksgiving, or you got rained out.

sarah said...

lelo, i think i found the house on geneva. in progress, but getting there. i'll be sure to photo-document.

andy, trust me - the inflatables are still there & going strong. those puppies are anchored.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I went by the previously inflatable filled front yard tonight and there were no inflatables to be found. I wonder if the wind blew them all on the roof of Les Shwaub. Or The Fishwife. However, I have found a house that has timed their different strings of lights to flash at different times. I'm glad I'm not an epeleptic. I'm really hoping they are transmitting sound to go with the flashing lights to a radio station, but we could only find banda music that seemed to go with the flashing and I don't think that's it. Though it was fun to listen to. I'll stop rambling now.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I walked through the lights at the house on Geneva tonight: they're all up, and it's amazing. I actually had a moment there, all by myself with my dog, the moon was shining, the music was playing, and every single ding dong light and window was lit up and wow. The spirit filled me. Don't miss out on it.

P.S. There's quite a display over on Wall, too. Wow! Inflatables! Lights! Horse and carriages! Phew!