Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post-Thanksgiving Giving of Thanks

Inspired by this post (and OUTED at LRB this morning - very impressive, Ali), I will say that I've been reflecting on all things to be grateful for this season. I have a long list, some of which I will share here:

1. My fabulous, wonderful, funny, compassionate husband of 2 1/2 years, without whom life would be significantly more difficult (and a hell of a lot more boring to boot)
2. A great little house that loves us (somehow I just feel it)
3. A new puppy, Lucy, who is a bundle of sweetness and energy (even if that energy does come out at 2 am...and 4 am...and 6 am)

4. A job that I adore
5. Being able to live in such a beautiful and satisfying place as Portland, Oregon
6. My new sport of dragonboating, which allows me to spend time on the river and see our fair city from a new perspective
There's so much more, but that will do it for now...

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