Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Be a Beautiful Elf

How do you combine a fun, low-key social event with some worthy holiday philanthropy? Head on over to Trixie's Beauty Bar this Sunday, December 9th between 11 and 1. They are hosting a Holiday Open House to benefit families served by the Children's Relief Nursery in St. Johns.

Trixie's will supply the mimosas, snacks, and CHAIR MASSAGES! You bring a donation to the Children's Relief Nursery. Here are the specific items they are looking for:

  • Thomas the Train set
  • Thomas the Train toys
  • Keyboard
  • Indoor play structure
  • Tricycle for 3-year-old
  • V-Smile “Smartridges”: Day on the Farm, Noah’s Ark, Animal Adventures
  • 3-hole shape sorter
  • Cause-and-effect toys for 18 months old (push button to make sound or make something pop up, etc.)
  • Wrapping Paper, ribbon, tape, boxes etc.
  • Non perishable, protein-rich foods like chili, mac & cheese, soup, tuna
  • A cash or check donation to support the Children's Relief Nursery

Trixie's is located at 4821 North Lombard, at the corner of Lombard and Fiske.
The Relief Nursery is a wonderful organization and I'm so glad that Trixie's is doing this for them. For more info on CRN, visit them at: www.crn4kids.org.

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Team Trixie's said...

Hi Sarah --
Thanks for helping us get the word out about Sunday's Open House for CRN! We hope you'll be there.
Have a merry day,
Tracy, Tyler, Jodi & Amber
Trixie's Beauty Bar