Sunday, January 6, 2008


Yes, I have resolved to do this every-day blogging thing for 2008. And here I sit, devoid of inspiration for an interesting blog post. So this is probably a good time to start in on my Best-Places-in-North-Portland-You're-Probably-Not-Visiting. I'll just do a couple tonight.

1. La Tienda Santa Cruz. Crazy good & cheap Mexican food in the back of a Mexican grocery store in St. John's. Please skip the Cha Cha Cha! next door & head to the rear room for a $4 pollo burrito that you will love. Also recommended: asada tacos (or any tacos). And if you want something sweet to finish off your meal, help yourself to the giant pastry case in the back of the store. 2 giant Mexican pastries for $1. AND on Saturdays, they do special tamales, which I've heard are excellent but I haven't been able to try yet.
8630 N Lombard in downtown St. Js

2. Lark Press. Okay, I know the Mississippi area is barely even eligible to be called North Portland anymore, since I can barely keep up with all the latest condos & shops going in. But Lark Press is just off the beaten path on N. Williams, next to Pix. It has beautifully letterpressed cards, stationery, and paper asundries. AND it houses the wares of Lark Baby, which are adorable (a bit pricey) baby/toddler clothes that make wonderful shower gifts.
Apparently they've also started using their patterns for grown-up clothes too, like this gorgeous shirt below.
3901 N. Williams

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