Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Miscellaneous Roundup

1. Ask & You Shall Receive
I outlined my wish for a NoPo venue that serves affordable dinner, something besides Thai, pizza, fast food or diner food. In today's WWeek review of Little Red Bike:
Jepson and Dohrmann are taking their bike-friendly cafe one spoke at a time, but they hope to branch into dinner by way of housemade pot pies in upcoming months. When asked about the pot pie prospectus, Dohrmann rattles off a few ideas that include meaty as well as veggie and vegan options.
Hallelujah! LRB + pot-pie = Delicious.

2. Congratulations to the St. John's Sentinel, now just "The Sentinel", for their fab new web site and newspaper layout. Check it out at Maybe possibly they are considering moving to two papers per month? That would be great.

3. Portland Public Schools is hosting some forums around Portland in January to talk about the future of school buildings in need of repair or remodeling. Even if you don't have kids in school (I don't), I think this is a valuable opportunity to give input on how our community is shaped. I know that Clarendon-Portsmouth, since going to a K-8 school is crammed and in desperate need of some help to accommodate all the extra students. I'm also interested in what PPS is planning to do with the old Clarendon school.
Anyway, for more info, go here:

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