Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've Missed You

I've been delinquent in posting of late, but rather than make excuses, here are some links to noteworthy news in and around North Portland.

1. St. John's is considering a Farmer's Market? I say Yes Yes Yes! Give your comments/feedback here: http://www.portlandsentinel.com/?q=node/270

2. A shooting in McCoy Park last Saturday evening, in the New Columbia complex. Violence there seems to have calmed for the most part over the past year, but of course this doesn't help to quell anxieties.

3. The El Burrito Loco/Boulevard Tacos feud rages on. Protesters outside BT are still going strong, claiming that BT evicted EBL and then recruited cooks from the the other EBL on 82nd offering better wages, then recreated the recipes. Or at least that is the EBL side of the story. The first burrito I ever ate in Portland was at El Burrito Loco, and it has a very special place in my heart. The burritos may not have been the best ever, but the people were delightful and I really lurved their chorizo burrito. Although I am really not a fan of this quote about EBL owner Alberta Canales:
She feels that by opening a new Mexican restaurant, Boulevard Taco, at the same location, Mr Lofti is “raping my business.”
I know we probably have English as a Second Language in play here, but I *really* hate it when people use this expression. There are a million other phrases to use. What he is doing may be sleazy, contemptuous, unfair, or predatory. But in no way is it sexually violating you.

More here from the Sentinel:

4. North Portland continues to be one of the safest real estate bets in the Portland Metro area. In December, NoPo posted a 12-month price appreciation of 8.5% (2nd only to Columbia County's 11.6% and far above West Portland, Tigard, Tualatin and many other areas). NoPo inventory (Days on Market) was the lowest of all 14 areas measured, at 55 days.

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